Carolyn Smith-Kizer - French Colonial Habitante


Contest & Events

Duck with an Olive Jar, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, 1764

The 18thC Nouvelle France Kitchen, Garden, Pantry, Tools & Recipes Slideshow and handouts

Derelict French Colonial house near Modoc, IL in the American Bottoms

French Colonial Housing Dialogue presented at Niagara's School of the Soldier, March 2001.

Colonial Cuisine cooking demonstration given at the Martin-Boismenue House, Prairie du Pont, IL, November 3, 2001.

Hearth Cooking demonstration, Niagara's School of the Soldier, April, 2002.

Winning Cap, la Bonne Espouse Contest, Spring Trade Faire, 2002
Winning entry in the first annual la Bonne Espouse contest, created by Carol Wunderlich, Spring Trade Faire and Rifle Frolic, Ft. de Chartres, IL, April 2002.

Inside the Semanek House, Old Bedford Village, June 2002
Belleville, a beautiful village, emerges for the first time at Old Bedford Village, June, 2002.