Carolyn Smith-Kizer - French Colonial Habitante

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Nouvelle France

La Cuisine, la Pâtisserie, les Confitures & les Liqueurs excerpted from La Nouvelle Maison Rustique and digitized by Google

One of the most comprehensive sites available to Nouvelle France reenactors. Archives contain a wealth of information. Use an online translator — it's in French.

Cooking in Fort Niagara's Kitchen

Le Detachement - a great group of friends who always try to "do it right."

Interior replica of Acadian dwelling at Belle Isle, Nova Scotia

The Belleisle marsh, located upriver from Annapolis Royal, was settled by 1679. By 1755, there may have been as many as 30 houses along the margins of the Belleisle marsh.

The archaeological legacy of the sinking of the Machault in the Restigouche River in 1760

18thC Nouvelle France trading artifacts from the Machault from Bordeaux, sunk in Chaleur Bay of the Restigouche River, 1760.

Newly Reconstructed Fort Massac
The Massiac Marines are a French Military reenactment group representing the period of the French and Indian War in the Pays Illinois on the Ohio River.