Carolyn Smith-Kizer - French Colonial Habitante

Gallery of Client Clothing

Celia's floral jumps with tied-on sleeves aka corset blanc
Cotton floral jumps with tied-on sleeves, also known as a corset blanc. Bones along center front edges only to keep lacing closure from bunching.

Linen Jumps
Another corset blanc. Linen jumps with tied-on sleeves.

Justacorps, a long, knee-length coat worn by men in the latter half of the 17th century, and throughout the 18th century.

Girls' mantelet and jupe or petticoat
Girl's mantelet or jacket. Also shown with a jupe or petticoat. The mantelet closes with ties and has bound edges. She also wears a mouchoir or neckerchief of Indiennes, a printed Indian cotton.

Boys in vestes, coulottes and shirts or chemises
Boys vestes and coulottes worn over chemises or long shirts.

cap, shirt, coulottes, gilet
Boy's cap, gilet and coulottes worn over chemise made for traveling museum exhibit.

gilet, cap and shirt-chemise
detail showing thread buttons at neck and handworked button holes

girl's cap, juste-au-corps or jacket and skirt or jupe with ferreted hem
Girl's outfit made for traveling museum exhibit

detail of frilled cap or bonnet and ribbon  binding and ties on jacket
detail of frilled bonnet-cap and ribbon ties and binding of girls jacket

Indienne floral manteau-de-lit with contrasting collar and cuffs
Manteau-de-lit, bedgown based on the text and illustrations by M. de Garsault, 1769 [pattern by Kannik's Korner], commonly worn by working class women.

Bedgown or manteau-de-lit with sleeves en pagoda
Bedgown or manteau-de-lit. Sleeve style is "en pagoda".