18th Century Nouvelle France Habitantes dress differently and have different household accoutrements than their British colonial sisters.
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The Court & Country Cook available on CD



The Court and Country Cook, 1702 translation of François Massialot's le cuisinier royal et bourgeois on CD

480 pages scanned and printable in Adobe.pdf

$15.00, via paypal, plus $3.50 shipping and handling
to USA and International

What a treat you have given all of us interested in 18th Century cookbooks. The tourte section alone could keep a person occupied for a year!

The CD format is easy to read on the screen and you provided a useful alphabetical index that makes searching for a recipe or ingredient simple. Translating archiac French documents is difficult, but luckily someone did it for me, three hundred years ago! And now with the Court and Country Cook, I do not have to rely solely on English cookbooks any longer to replicate dishes and cooking techniques of the time period.» Jeff in Detroit

Court and Country Cook:
New and Plain Directions
How to Order all manner of
And the best sort of the
Most exquisite a-la-mode Ragoo's.
Together with
How to Preserve all sorts of FRUITS, as well
Dry as liquid: Also,
How to make divers SUGAR-WORKS, and other
Fine Pieces of Curiosity;
How to set out a DESERT, or Banquet of
SWEET-MEATS to the best advantage; And,
How to Prepare several sorts of LIQUORS, that
are proper for every Season of the Year.
A WORK more especially necessary for Stewards,
Clerks of the Kitchen, Confectioners, Butlers, and
Other Officers, and also of great use in private Families.

Faithfully translated out of French into English by J. K.

London: Printed by W, Onley, for A. and J. Churchill, at
The Black Swan in Pater-noster-row, and M. Gillyflower
In Westminster-hall, 1702.

480 pages scanned and printable in Adobe.pdf

$15.00, via paypal, plus $3.50 shipping and handling
to USA and International
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